The key elements of our collection are the fabrics: precious and sophisticated, elegant and ethereal but at the same time manifest of femininity and sensuality.
We have chosen lace because with plays of weaving and transparencies it makes our articles seductive and delicate, romantic and dreamy. We have chosen velvet for its softness, its shine, and for how it is majestically able to caress the body and envelop the shapes of all women.
This choice has also been inspired by Caramì’s philosophy: moving with the times and keeping our collections fashionable, while at the same time paying homage to tradition and in particular to Made in Italy.
Which fabrics could possibly better fulfill our wishes? Lace has always been the protagonist of a vast variety of fashion collections and velvet became widespread thanks to the Italian royal courts, beginning from there its rise in popularity and returning today to be one of the most loved and sought after fabrics.