Caramì: who we are and what we do

Caramì is an underwear and fitness wear company founded in 2016 by two young Florentine sisters who were motivated by the desire to create a common dream with their own products:

To allow all women to feel at ease in any circumstance

The idea was born almost by chance and its attainment seemed impossible because of the many different issues that two girls have to face when you decide to embark on a new adventure. However in spite of every obstacle today Caramì is a reality, with its products entirely Made in Italy; comfortable, respectful of the skin and at the same time elegant.

Still in the perspective of respecting our ideals we have created an on line sales service (BRA ASSISTANT) which will assist you at 360°, to help you to find the most suitable product for your needs. In fact you will be guided in the search for the perfect size through a tutorial video and by our community, because there is no better sales assistant than one of our customers. And if even this was not sufficient, you will be able to return our products in a simple and quick way. For us nothing is more important than satisfying you in the shortest time and best way possible.


Enjoy your e-shopping!


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